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'Necolin' - A cafe full of books on cats in front of JR Ogitsu Station (December, 2018)
The 4th 'Rainbow Colored Concert' (November, 2018)
Asian Festival (October, 2018)
A Life with an Eye Mate(a guide dog) (September, 2018)
Genki Cafe Sukegawa (August, 2018)
The 3rd "Rainbow Colored Concert" (July, 2018)
Mt. Ogitsu ”Forest Festival 2018" (June, 2018)
The Book Party at Hitachi City Southern Library (May, 2018)
Grandile, a confectionery shop on Anzu Street (April, 2018)
Hina-matsuri, the Japanese traditional Doll's Festival for young girls (March, 2018)
German bread shop, "Rosenburg" (February, 2018)
Papaw, a unique fruit produced in Juo machi (January, 2018)
The 8th SOFU exhibition (October, 2017)
44th Yokappe Festival (September, 2017)
Herb Farm Okabe (August, 2017)
Operetta "Die Fledermaus" by Hitachi Opera Choir (July, 2017)
Kamine Zoo's 60th Anniversary (June, 2017)
Rainbow-Colored Concert (Tokai Village) (May, 2017)
Mori no Pan Kobo (A bakery in Chikoku-cho) (April, 2017)
Wild Boars (March, 2017)
Hitachi City Audiovisual Center (February, 2017)
Snake (January, 2017)
Kenpoku Art 2016 (The Art Festival in the northern part of Ibaraki Prefecture) (December, 2016)
"Suwa no Mizu Ana" (A limestone cave in Suwa-cho) (Novemver, 2016)
"Patisserie Ma Cherie" (confectionery shop in Motomiya cho) (August, 2016)
Welfare Musical Part 2 "The Go-between for Smiles” (Juo machi) (September, 2016)
CORIN (Bakery at Naka Narusawa-Cho) (August, 2016)
KENPOKU ART 2016 Symposium (July, 2016)
Tea Time at Kashimura Farm (Juo-machi) (June, 2016)
Sukegawa Ruin of a Castle Park (May, 2016)
BURGER BAKA (A Festival of Burger Lovers)(April, 2016)
Art Exhibition of "Yuuai" (March, 2016)
Unpeido Honten Inc. (Febrary, 2016)
HYOTOKO (January, 2016)
Hitachi City Children Sukusuku Center (December, 2015)
Tatsuware Mountain "The Concert of the Wind" (November, 2015)
A Gathering to Spread Preventive Care (October, 2015)
Azuki Arai Fudoson (September, 2015)
"Macbeth" (Hitachi Open-air Opera Concert) (August, 2015)
A Specialist on Koma-Inu (Guardian dogs) (May, 2015)
West Kanasa Shrine's Small Festival (April, 2015)
Sakura Square, sister shop of Sakura Cafe (March, 2015)
Hitachi City Southern Library's Supporters' Club (February, 2015)
Hitachi Osakana Center ,restarted as a Road Station (January, 2015)
 Heart Net HItachi Citizen's Circle November, 2014
 41st Yokappe Festival (Sep. 2014)
 Circle “Harmony” (September, 2014)
 Taking a walk around Oiwa Shrine ( June 2014)
 Kamine Zoo, More and more interesting place now  (June, 2014)
 Sakura cafe Hitachi - A popular community cafe in Hitachi - (April, 2014)
 Cherry Trees in Hitachi City (April, 2014)
 A Poet In a Town  (March, 2014)
 The Signs of the Zodiac in Chinese Astrology (February, 2014)
   Birds commonly seen in Hitachi City (December, 2013)
 Autumn Festival in Hitachi  (October, 2013)
“Hitachi Folk Tales” English translation by Volunteer Interpreter Group  July, 2013
 Hitachi City Southern Library (June, 2013)
 Suwa Bairin (Plum tree park in Suwa-cho, Hitachi)  (April, 2013) 
 Hitachi Science Club   (February., 2013)
 Hitachi Opera Chorus  (October, 2012)
 Exhibition by Ms. Kazuyo Sejima  (October, 2012)
 Hitachi Sand-art Festival, 2012  (August, 2012)
  “Ema” A votive picture tablet (of a horse)   July, 2012
  The Hitachi International Street Performance Festival 2012 (May, 2012)
  Hitachi Furyumono  (May, 2012)
 “Joban Hitachi Mannerchor” (May, 2012)
 The Challenge of “Ishinazaka Ohayashi Club  March, 2012
 Bird Watching Tour by Hitachi Citizen  (February 18, 2012)
 Views from the cafe of the new JR Hitachi Station  (January, 2012)
 Couples of animals at Kamine Zoo (Hitachi city)  (December, 2011)
 The Christmas Illuminations at the Patio Hitachi (December, 2011)
 Hyotan Lantern Artist in Hitachi-Ota City  (December, 2011)
  Men’s Cooking Class  (October, 2011)
 Hitachi Autumn Festival (October, 2011)
Planetarium of Hitachi Civic Center "Globe Theater" (September, 2011)
 JR Hitachi Station Current state of the new station on bridge,  (August, 2011)
 Ibaraki University Center for Astronomy  (April, 2011)
 Hyakunin-Isshu with Images (A report on Mr. Hideo Yonaga’s passion )
February, 2011
 Rapport Hitachi "Hitachi City Women’s Center" (Dcember, 2010)
 Kamine Park (September, 2010)
  Hitachi port and the circumference (August, 2010)
 “Yushin” A group enjoing senior life  (August, 2010)
Juo Panorama Park (Hitachi City)  (June, 2010)
Science Station of Hitachi Civic Center (March, 2010)
Eco Project Technologies Co. Ltd.   (February, 2010)
Bus Tour to Nuclear Institutes in Tokai-Mura, Ibaraki, Japan   
(December, 2009)
 Voluntary Town Guides in Hitachi City  (November, 2009)
 Hyakunen-Juku Festival, 2009 ( October 4, 2009)
 Yokappe Festival in Taga Area (September 12, 2009)
 An amateur photographer group (Shashin-Sanpo no Kai)
      (July, 2009
 Activities of Libraries in Hitachi city   (July, 2009)
 Works-Tanpopo   (June,  2009)
 Unknown Local Fish in Hitachi   (June, 2009)
 Hitachi Regional Technical Support Center    (March, 2009)
 "Let's Walk in the Hometown" Group    (March,  2009) 
 Center for Cooperative Research and Development, Ibaraki University  (February 2009)
 Yabusame Festival of Okubo−Kashima Shrine (January, 2009)
 Sukegawa-Yama Preservation Club  (January, 2009)
 Nichidensha Co. Ltd.  (December, 2008)
An Opera School for Children  (October, 2008)
An Everyday Dish Cooking Class (Sponsored by Friendly Anzu&quot) (September, 2008)
Taiyokogyo Co.,Ltd. (September, 2008)

An Interview with an American Family Deeply Related to Hitachi City
(August, 2008)

“HIMAWARI”Organization to consider energy (June, 2008)
“new Reign”  Oklahoma Christian University  (June 10, 2008)

Bula from Fiji  By Gabriel Gravelle (June, 2008)

Ohnuki Manufacturing Industry Co., Ltd  (May, 2008)
Forest Tree Breeding Center (May, 2008)

TMP Co., Ltd. (April, 2008)
Dr. Mahmoud Abo El-wafa  (March, 2008)
Shinnetsu Co., Ltd.   (March, 2008)
My Introdection  By Mr. D. M. Aumend (February, 2008)

Kawamura CO. Ltd. (October, 2007)
Takahashi Industry Co., Ltd. (November, 2007)
IKD CO., Ltd. (November, 2007)
Heart Envelope Co., Ltd. (November, 2007)
Nissho Co., Ltd.  (November, 2007)
The wonderful Nihon    By Bostjan Bezensek
Hitachi Giken CO., Ltd. (October, 2007)
Star Engineering Co. Ltd. (October, 2007)

Kawarago-Kitahama Sports Plaza (October, 2007)
Hitachi Autumn Festival (October 6,7, 2007)
Jukunen-net Hitachi (J-net) (September, 2007)
Yokappe Festival, Taga area (September 16, 207)
Nagisa Park  Minato-cho、Hitachi August, 2007)
Hitachi environment city fair, 2007 (August, 2007)
Yamazaki Works, Hitachi Chemical Co., LTD  (August, 2007)
Mr. Christopher Reid Flock, ceramic artist  (July, 2007)
Hitaka Works of Hitachi Cable, Ltd.   (June, 2007)
KASHUKAN, a historic spot in Hitachi (June, 2007)
Hitachi International Street Performance (May, 2007)

Power Systems Hitachi Works, Hitachi, Ltd.  (May, 2007)
Ogitsuyama Nature Park     (April, 2007)
Akabane-ryokuchi park   (Kuji-cho Hitachi)  (April, 2007)
Taga Shimin Plaza  (Taga Citizens’ Plaza)   (2007. March)
Cherry blossoms in Hitachi City (March 007)
Yagurumaso no Kai, Hitachi Branch (Jan.2007)
Hitachi Opera Chorus (Dec.2006)

Toy Hospital in Hitachi (Nov. 2006)
Hitachi Starlight Illumination 2006 (Nov. 2006)

Peace Marker, another symbolic monument for The Peace    Declaration of Hitachi city (Nov. 2006)
Kamine Zoological Garden(Oct. 2006)
Halloween Decoration in Hitachi city (Oct. 2006)
The Fish Center in Hitachi city (Oct. 2006)
The History of Hitachi city (Aug. 2006)
Where, and what is Hitachi city (Aug., 2006)
Sea Bathing Resorts in Hitachi (Aug., 2006)


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