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Industrial Activities


'Necolin' - A cafe full of books on cats in front of JR Ogitsu Station(December, 2018)
Grandile, a confectionery shop on Anzu Street(April, 2018)
German bread shop, "Rosenburg" (February, 2018)
"Mori no Pan Kobo" (A bakery in Chikoku-cho) (April, 2017)
"Patisserie Ma Cherie" (confectionery shop in Motomiya cho) (October, 2016)
CORIN (Bakery at Naka Narusawa-Cho) (August, 2016)
Unpeido Honten Inc. (Febrary, 2016)
Eco Project Technologies Co. Ltd. (February, 2010)
 Hitachi Regional Technical Support Center    (April, 2009)
 Center for Cooperative Research and Development , Ibaraki University  (February, 2009)

Nichidensha Co. Ltd. (December, 2008)

Taiyokogyo Co.,Ltd. (September, 2008)

Ohnuki Manufacturing Industry Co., Ltd  (May, 2008)

TMP Co., Ltd. (April, 2008)

Shinnetsu Co., Ltd.
   (March, 2008)

Takahashi Industry Co., Ltd. (November, 2007)

IKD Co., Ltd. (November, 2007)

Heart Envelope Co., Ltd. (November, 2007)

Nissho Co., Ltd.  (November, 2007)

Kawamura  Ltd. (October, 2007)

Kadowaki Co. Ltd. (October, 2007)

Hitachi Giken Co., Ltd. (October, 2007)

Star Engineering Co. Ltd. (October, 2007)

Yamazaki Works, Hitachi Chemical Co., LTD  (August, 2007) 

Hitaka Works, Hitachi Cable, Ltd.  (July, 2007)

Power Systems Hitachi Works, Hitachi, Ltd.  (May, 2007)

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