Sightseeing spots in the city


In The City

Around The City

"Papaw, a unique fruit produced in Juo machi"
(January, 2018)
"Herb Farm Okabe" (August, 2017)  
"Suwa no Mizu Ana" (A limestone cave in Suwa-cho) (Novemver, 2016)  
Sukegawa ruin of a castle park (May, 2016)  
Azuki Arai Fudoson (September, 2015)  
Hitachi Osakana Center, restarted as a Road Station (January, 2015)
 Taking a walk around Oiwa Shrine(June,2014 )       Bus Tour to Nuclear Institutes in Tokai-Mura, Ibaraki, Japan  (December, 2009)

 Swan pond : Ichinoseki-tameike, Naka city  (Feb. 2006) 
 Kamine Zoo, More and more interesting place now   (June, 2014)
 Cherry Trees in Hitachi City (April, 2014)
 Birds commonly seen in Hitachi City (December, 2013)
Ibaraki University Center for Astronomy
(April, 2011)
Kamine Park (September, 2010)
 Hitachi port and the circumference (August, 2010)
Juo Panorama Park (June, 2010)
 Unknown Local Fish in Hitachi  (June, 2009)

KASHUKAN, a historic spot in Hitachi (June, 2007)

Cherry Blossoms in Hitachi City
( March, 2007)

Peace Marker, another symbolic monument for The Peace Declaration of Hitachi city
(Nov., 2006)

Kamine Zoological Garden (Oct. 2006)

The Fish Center in Hitachi city (Oct. 2006)

Sea Bathing Resorts in Hitachi (Aug. 2006)

The Hitachi Mine, the Start of Industrial Hitachi city (Dec. 2005)

a Local Japanese Sake Brewery
(Apr. 2005)

Older Theater Building, Kyoraku-kan
( Mar. 2005)

Ishihama (Uno-misaki) Vacation Area
(Feb. 2004)


Eating Spots in The City


Central Area (Hitachi Station)

North Area (Kawjiri, Ogitsu)Mar,

Taga Area (Taga Station)

Omika area (Omika Station)

South Area (Port, Kuji-River)



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