Traditional Customs and Events



Good Luck Symbols

 Hina-matsuri, the Japanese traditional Doll's Festival for young girls (Mar. 2018)

 Setsubun : Japanese Traditional Event in Spring (Mar. 2006)

 Kite Flying (Tako-age) (Feb., 2005)

Wild Boars (March, 2017)

Snake (Jan. 2017)

HYOTOKO (Jan. 2016)

The Signs of the Zodiac in Chinese Astrology

gEmah A votive picture tablet (of a horse)

The Gourd (Hyotan) (Mar. 2006)

The Sacred Arrow (Hama-ya)
(Feb. 2006)

The Bamboo Rake (Kumade) (Dec. 2005)

The Monkey (Saru)  (Nov. 2005)

The Tortoise (Kame)  (Oct. 2005)

The Rabbit (Usagi)  (Sept. 2005)

The Raccoon dog (Tanuki)  (Jul. 2005)

The Frog (Kaeru)  (Jun. 2005)

The Owl (Fukurou) (May, 2005)

The Dharma Doll (Daruma) (Apr., 2005)

The Cat (Maneki-neko) (Mar., 2005)

Events in the City

 West Kanasa Shrine's Small Festival (April 2015)

 41st Yokappe Festival@(Sep. 2014)

Hitachi Furyumono@@(May, 2012)

  Yabusame Festival of Okubo-Kashima Shrine (Jan. 2009)

 Hitachi Furyumono and the Fetival
 (Jun. 2005)

  Hitachi Takigi noh (Dec. 2004)



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