Education and citizen's groups activities


Groups (International Exchange)

Groups (Hobby, etc.)

 “Hitachi Folk Tales” English translation by Volunteer Interpreter Group (July, 2013)
 An Everyday Dish Cooking Class
(Sponsored by "Friendly Anzu&quot) (September, 2008)
  Activities of Japan-China Friendship Association Hitachi (Mar. 2006)
 Cultural Exchange Society of Hitachi & Asia (Oct. 2005)
   "Sakura" Volunteer Network for International Exchange (Sept. 2005)
    Hitachi-Bangladesh Culture Forum
(Jul. 2005)
   International Exchange  “Friendly Anzu”
(Jun. 2005)


 A Life with an Eye Mate(a guide dog) (September, 2018)
 The Book Party at Hitachi City Southern Library (May, 2018)
 Operetta "Die Fledermaus" by Hitachi Opera Choir (July, 2017)
 A Specialist on Koma-Inu (Guardian dogs)
(May, 2015)
 Sakura Square, sister shop of Sakura Cafe
(March, 2015)
 Hitachi City Southern Library's Supporters' Club
(February, 2015)
 Heart Net HItachi Citizen's Circle
(November, 2014)
 Circle “Harmony” (September, 2014)
 Sakura cafe Hitachi  A popular community cafe in Hitachi  (April, 2014)
 A Poet In a Town  (March, 2014)
 Hitachi Science Club   February, 2013
 Hitachi Opera Chorus  October,2012
 “Joban Hitachi Mannerchor”
 May, 2012
 The Challenge of “Ishinazaka Ohayashi Club    (March,2012)
 Hyotan Lantern Artist in Hitachi-Ota City
(December, 2011)

 Men’s Cooking Class  (October, 2011)

Hyakunin-Isshu with Images
(A report on Mr. Hideo Yonaga’s passion ) February, 2011

“Yushin” A group enjoing senior life  
(August, 2010)

Voluntary Town Guides in Hitachi City   (November, 2009)

An amateur photographer group (Shashin-Sanpo no Kai)  (July, 2009)

Works-Tanpopo    (June, 2009)

"Let's Walk in the Hometown" Group (March, 2009)

Sukegawa-Yama Preservation Club
    (January, 2009)

An Opera School for Children  (October 2008)

“HIMAWARI”Organization to consider energy  (June, 2008)

Jukunen-net Hitachi (J-net)  (Sep., 2007)

Yagurumaso no Kai, Hitachi Branch (Jan.2007)

 Hitachi Opera Chorus Group (Dec.2006) 

 Toy Hospital in Hitachi (Nov. 2006)

  Ajisai Volleyball Club (Mar. 2006)

  The Choral Society of Hitachi Ltd.
(Feb. 2006)

  Harmonica Lovers' Circles (Nov., 2005)


Cultural Course

  Preschool Education Now !  Juo Kindergarten  (Sep. 2005)

  Nakazato Elementary School (Jul., 2005)

  Sukegawa Junior High school (Jun., 2005)

 Hitachi Second High School (May, 2005)

 Ibaraki Christian University (Apr., 2005)

  Visiting a Cooking School in English (Oct. 2005)

  Ibaraki Prefecture Mito Lifelong Learning Center (Oct. 2005)




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