Place of Hitachi-shi (city)

  Hitachi City is located in the north part of the Kanto plain. The area of the city is 225.45 square kilometers and is 25.9km from north to south and 17.9km from east to west.
  To the east, Hitachi city faces the Pacific Ocean. To the west , it is bordered by mountains.
It is the core city of northern Ibaraki prefecture.

City center position :

  north latitude 36-degree 35-minutes
  east longitude 140-degree 40 minutes

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Around Hitachi
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Population as of December 1, 2010
Total population   191,936
men           95,901
women       96,035
The number of  households is
78,666 families.

Average Yearly Rainfall is 1,162mm
Average Annual Temperature is 14.7℃
Average Annual Humidity is 69.4%


Access to Hitachi City
JR station (Joban Line) : Omika, Hitachi-Taga, Hitachi, Ogitsu、Juo.        
Exits of Joban-Expressway: Hitachi-South, Hitachi Central, Hitachi-North
The national highways which pass through the city : No.6, No.245, and No.293

The Symbols of City

Flower : Cherry Blossom

Tree : Zelkova Tree

Bird : Cormorant

About Hitachi City.

  Hitachi City is the narrow strip of plain laid north and south between mountain range and the Pacific Ocean. Thanks to warm ocean current, the city has a mild climate which makes it a good place to live. However, there are not enough major roads in a north-south direction in the city, so the citizens have always been annoyed with traffic.

  Hitachi City has grown up by copper mining and the heavy electric equipment manufacturing. At present time, the mine was closed in 1960's, and the heavy electric equipment industrial world has been in the state of a chronic recession. The Hitachi citizens are making an effort as reflected again as an industrial city, now.

  Hitachi City is known for major cherry blossom-viewing spots. A lot of wild cherry trees, which were less affected by air pollution caused by the mine, were planted. In addition, a lot of cherry blossoms were planted as part of the war-damage reconstruction after World War II.
  Especially, cherry blossoms in the Kamine Park and along Heiwa-dori, which come from Hitachi Station are wonderful. On Heiwa-dori, cherry in full bloom is brightly lit up in evening. That is an absolutely gorgeous view.   

Link to Hitachi City Office

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